PMM install Non Docker/Podman

Long story… but for various reasons we cant use podman/docker.

Ive been searching around looking to see if a mean exists or any instructions on how to install each component “manually” in a non container aspect. Again long story but it appears that docker/podman in this type of setup is not a option. Can anyone point me to a few hints on where to look or how to someplace? I know this makes items much more difficult

oficially we don’t support non docker/podman installation, however there is a bit outdated not supported script that might work for you Installing PMM Server from RHEL Repositories.

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@meyerder, what are you using Docusign for? Where did you come across this step/link?

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@meyerder Where did you see that you need to request access? Our github and blogs are both public and do not require requesting any access or signing any documents. Please provide the original page where you were instructed to get approval.

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@meyerder, yes, my question is WHY are you going to those forms? There is absolutely nothing you need to request access for. This is my confusion. What prompted you to think you need to sign these forms? Did someone from Percona instruct you to go there and sign these forms? I’m trying to understand this starting from the beginning. @nurlan gave you a link to a public repo. There is no reason at all why you would need to go to our legal pages, request access, nor sign any forms.