PMM Docker, QAN not starting after container restart

Recently I’ve encountered an issue while deploying PMM on AWS ECS, however this issue will also apply to Docker deployments.
As per Percona documentation in order to make configuration persistent fallowing path have to be persistent:
-v /opt/prometheus/data
-v /opt/consul-data
-v /var/lib/mysql
-v /var/lib/grafana \

Looks that currently QAN agent configuration is stored in:
Due to that in order to make sure that all agents are up and running after container crash etc. those paths currently have to be set as permanent as well.
In case that those paths are not persistent, QAN agent is not collecting Query stats from PS resulting with only partial startup of PMM in Docker Container after “crash” etc.

I think that it should be updated in documentation, and/or qan-agent paths modified.


Hi Robert, I’ve now logged this as

acidepl , If there just a question - then our tests are good and everything will work. We use permanent storage to save the configuration and after a restart, the qan configuration will be restored.