PMM dashboard keep logging out

Hi Team,

We are facing strange issue after upgrading to the latest version of PMM.
The dashboard of the PMM is logging out several times during the day and we have to login again & again to have it live on our monitoring walls.
I have done some initial troubleshooting like clearing caches and cookies but it has not helped. Can you please suggest what can be done to correct this issue.

Since the PMM dashboard is based on Grafana, I wonder if you’re facing the same issue as what is described here?


Hi @aniruddha.deshpande

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I have a PMM 2.14.0 instance running and do not suffer the same issue, with the session being active for the last week or so after allowing the cookie to persist, so it would appear to be something related to your usage/environment. It does not seem to occur with 2 different connections either.

What can you see set for the following?


You can view these settings via /graph/admin/settings

One other thought is that if you are proxying the requests so that more than one PMM is viewed via the same domain/IP then the cookies are likely to be logging you out from one.