Pmm Client for windows

Hi everybody,
Thank you for not laughing at my face while readint the tile :slight_smile:

Indeed, the software architecture of a software editor is based on Mysql executed under windows server 2016.

I would like to monitor this database server just like my other servers (under linux :smiling_face_with_three_hearts: for which I have been using Pmm Server for a few years and my god it is useful and well done.

My question therefore, is it possible to install the pmm client on a windows server environment?

Thank you for any help

Don’t worry; this is a typical case and still used OS :grinning:
Before providing some options - let me ask you several clarification questions:

  1. Do you use pmm version 1.X, or the section for this question is selected by mistake (there will be fewer options of none for pmm1 )
  2. How critical for you the Node metrics from this Windows server? or are you mainly interested in MySQL metrics/data?
  3. What do you currently use for MySQL Query analytics in PMM - Slow log or performance schema agent?


Thanks for reply

1 Yes i’m still using Pmm version 1x because i’m still have some os Where Pmm2 is not compatible but i’m on my way for migration and so pmm2 could be an option here.

2 They are critical in sense of slow response time and innodb_lockwaits also experiencing deadlocks. i use Pmm for analysing innodb metrics.

3 As i said essentially inodb metrics analyses of lock_wait and concurency transactions,and yes slow log analyses.

I hope this provides usefull information.

My need is to install pmm client on windiws server how hots the Mysql installtion. i dont see any pmm agent installation for Windows on percona download page or did i miss something ?

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Hello @C80SGEEK,
We do not have PMM Client for Windows and probably never will. All of our software is linux-based. You have two options: 1) install Docker for Windows onto same machine as MySQL, launch a tiny container with pmm agent connected to MySQL on the host. or 2) (much easier) go into PMM UI and select ‘Add Remote MySQL instance’ which will give you all the data.

Edit: I saw you are on PMM1 which is unsupported even by us. The above option 2) might not be available. What OS do you have which is not compatible with PMM2? It must be extremely old OS.

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@C80SGEEK you better upgrade to pmm2, as you’ll have more options.
In addition to suggestions from @matthewb you can also use GitHub - prometheus-community/windows_exporter: Prometheus exporter for Windows machines as an External Service to collect Windows-specific metrics.


sorry for delay,

Thank you for all that precious informations.
I will migrate to PMM2 and come back to let you know if all that works

@ Roma_Novikov
I will check this and hope it will fit my need.
Thank you for sharing this tip :slight_smile:

Kind Regards

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@ [matthewb],
I installed new Pmm2 server and was able to connect the remote Mysql instance.
Thank you very much for the hint, i will now go on migrating my other servers.

@ [Roma_Novikov], was not yet able to test prometheus exporter for windows, but i will test it ASAP.

Thank you both very muth for your kind help,

Best Regars,

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Just to share the information, I was able to migrate from Pmm server 1 to pmm server 2 without any issues.

Obviously the data retention has been lost but remains available on the old pmm 1.X server for the next 30 days.

I now have all my servers with pmm-client2 and a remote mysql instance for the one running under windows.

I still have to investigate a backup solution, which until now was based on BTRFS snapshots and Mysql dump regarding pmm-Serve 1x technican env. But that will be the subject of another question.

Thank you again for your precious help

Kind regards

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Yes, please open a new topic on this.