PMM and Mongo sharded replica set cluster


I’m new to Mongo and am trying to learn the mongo-lingo, so I apologize if I use the incorrect terms.

I currently have a 7 system Mongo setup that I’m trying to monitor with PMM - named mongo-r, a1, a2, a3, b1, b2 and b3. Server mongo-r is acting as the router, Servers a1, a2 and a3 are acting supporting replica set rs_a - with a1 set as the main server. Servers b1, b2 and b3 are supporting replica set rs_b with b1 acting as the main server for that replica set. The database name that is being sharded/replica set is name “intdata”.

Servers a2, a3 and b2 are acting as configuration servers.

The listening port layouts for each system is:

mongo-r: 27017
a1: 27018
a2: 27018 (mongod) 27019 (mongoc)
a3: 27018 (mongod) 27019 (mongoc)
b1: 27018
b2: 27018 (mongod) 27019 (mongoc)
b3: 27018

I’ve followed the documentation that shows how to run “pmm-admin add mongodb”, but I’m not sure how to run the correct commands on the router and the other systems - to properly show the statistics for the shards and replica sets.

Any help in this would be greatly appreciated!!