Monitor MongoDB cluster with multiple routers

I have a MongoDB sharded cluster in an in-house Kubernetes with 2 shards (a1-3 and b1-3), 3 mongos routers and a single service that matches the routers. I would like to monitor the cluster with pmm and I have seen the tutorial here , but it doesn’t cover the multiple routers case. I have considered 2 options:

  1. Install pmm-admin on each router, in which case each replica set (shards + config) will be monitored 3 times
  2. Install pmm-admin on a separate machine and monitor from here all routers and replica sets

I’d like to know if there’s a third option or which of the 2 options is better.

Thank you.

I believe, option 2 is way better than no 1. We only have centralized PMM to monitor our mongodb stack…:slight_smile: