PMM alter does not send resolve message

When I add a notification channel e.g. Slack, there are some settings:
e.g Disable Resolve Message, I unchecked this option, but I never received any resolved messages when the alert criteria is not satisfied. could anyone help with this? Is this option ready for use?

My PMM version is the newest version: 2.26.0

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I find something in the /etc/alertmanager.yml, it should be relevant:

    - name: empty
    - name: disabled
    - name: /channel_id/34d5fe80-8c0f-461b-9d38-67ddbf0d7065
        - send_resolved: false
          channel: dbalert-slack

But this file head line saying:

# Managed by pmm-managed. DO NOT EDIT.

After I modify this file and restart PMM, this modification will be overwritten.

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I find a way to workaround. We can update the Postgres database directly:

# first enter the PMM docker
docker ps # find the docker name
docker exec -it ${your PMM docker name} /bin/bash # this will enter the docker and give a bash console 
psql -U postgres -d pmm-managed
select * from ia_channels;
# find the channel you want to send resolve messages
update ia_channels set slack_config='{"channel": "your channel name", "send_resolved": true}' where id='your channel ID here find from the above select';

then restart the PMM docker. The file /etc/alertmanager.yml will be generated accordingly.

Hope this can help others.

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