PMM alert notification customization

As per my understanding, once we configure multiple channels to PMM notifications channel , all the configured alerts by default will select all notification channel.
Is there any way to configure selective alerts for particular channels only.

For eg:
Notification Channels : Slack, Teams

If we configure alert for a particular chart, (Alert --> Notifications), “Send to” will by default select all configured channels. (Attached the screenshot for reference) Is it possible to configure alert to particular channel(s) only for a given chart?

If this is not possible at present, is it possible to get this option/feature ?

Thank you

Hi vaibhav_upadhyay40

If you set up the notification channel as “Send on all alerts” then this channel will be automatically used for all Notification events. You can have multiple default channels to send to.

If you want to be selective about which channels receive Notifications, you need to clear " send on all alerts", and then add it where needed to the Notifications list.

Here I have our default of Slack notifications where I want all of them to go. I added two other channels, notice one is default one is not:

Cleared " send on all alerts" for Michael Test 2

Enabled " send on all alerts" for Michael Test

Adding notifications manually - default ones are blue and can’t be removed, black ones are manually added:

Let me know if you need further assistance, but it appears PMM will do what you need!




Thank you Michael Coburn , as always it helped…