Pmm-agent for freebsd?


Just wondering what’s the best way to install pmm-agent on FreeBSD? I have few postgres servers running which I would love to monitor using pmm-server


Hi, currently we don’t support FreeBSD. You can install the pmm2-agent on a Linux box and monitor the database on Freebsd by pointing the agent to the remote ip in the pmm-admin add … --server-url argument. See Percona Monitoring and Management for more info

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thank you for your msg. Here is the scenario:
I have setup a pmm-server is running on an Ubuntu Server Let’s say on
My postgres server is running over FreeBSD on
I have installed the pmm-agent on the same Ubuntu Server that is running my pmm-server.
The example code will look like this on the Ubuntu Server:

pmm-admin add postgresql \
--username=pmm \
--password=password \
--server-url=https://admin:admin@ \

where do I enter the postgres server’s IP in order for the pmm-agent to collect metrics?

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Hi, you should be able to add --host and --port arguments to the command above. Let me know if that helps!

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You can certainly run this by hand on the CLI but we offer the UI to add remote monitoring of servers.

In the PMM interface click on the gear icon → PMM Inventory → Add Instance and finally Add remote PostgreSQL instance. There is already a pmm-client running inside PMM for the purpose of remote monitoring so you can reduce load a little by not running the agent a second time on the PMM Server Host (assuming you’re using a docker container)

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Hi Steve!

thank you for your msg. I added the remote instance as per your instructions. But there are no dashboards?

What am I missing now? Where do I open the dashboard which could show me slow running queries and other metrics? I have installed the pg_stat_monitor extension as well on my postgres server.


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Yes, I am using pmm-server via docker.

On the main dashboard, it shows this:

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Node metrics are not possible with remote monitoring…we can only gather data available from connecting to the Postgres Server port (5432) so the charts you’re looking at won’t show anything as it requires an agent on the node you want to monitor system level metrics. You will still get metrics on what’s going on inside the database though.

On the left side there’s a Dashboards menu (looks like 3 different rectangles) and in there you’ll be able to look at the Postgres specific metrics such as PostgreSQL Overview and Summary. Since you enabled pg_stat_monitor you will also be able to use Query Analytics to get deeper query insights…(same dashboard icon → Query Analytics) and use the filters on the left to isolate your system so the native PMM server monitoring doesn’t mix in with your results.

If node metrics are a must, have you tried compiling pmm-client from source? Not a BSD person so if that’s a terrible idea I’m sorry :smiley: Otherwise, you could create an external exporter (seems there’s guides on how to install the bare node_exporter package for BSD) and then following the “external-serverless” steps here. The downside to an external exporter is none of our default graphs would work so you’d have the data in prometheus but would have to modify the existing node dashboards to use your external exporter metric names.

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thanks for your detailed answer. And yes, I could see the postgres metrics now :slight_smile:

Could I still request to have a pmm-agent for FreeBSD pls?

I did try to compile from source and it failed miserably. If I try again, I will post the error messages.