PMM-2.0 beta possible bug


I was trying to test the new PMM 2.0 beta in a local kubernetes cluster with a mounted /srv folder with 0777 rights and it failed to run. I got the following error message in logs:

Error: The directory named as part of the path /srv/logs/postgres.log does not exist.
For help, use /usr/bin/supervisord -h

Has anyone encountered a similar issue? The yamls are in the attachment:

The directory /srv/persistent-storage-3/pmm is empty and has 0777 rights. I checked and it was succesfully mounted in the pod

deployment.txt (1.32 KB)

Hello abirladeanu thanks for your question.

I talked with the development team about this. First of all, important to note, we’re not providing upgrade support between versions of beta software and it’s possible this is where the issue arose. I’m sorry if that’s not good for your use case, but in terms of managing the development process, that’s the way we approach this. It would be different in production software.

Without PersistentVolume your deployment works fine, though. So it’s around this area that the problem happens.

If you feel that you would like to file a bug report in our JIRA system, you are welcome to do that, but I am not sure it will necessarily get early attention. Here are some notes on how to go about that: [URL][/URL]

Hopefully you can work around this issue?

Thanks for your answer. I was trying to start a new installation from scratch, I wasn’t trying to upgrade from an earlier version. I will investigate around the persistent volume.

Sorry, I have one more update from the team…

For running PMM 1.x in Kubernetes please use [url]Percona Operator for MySQL based on Percona XtraDB Cluster

We are not quite ready for PMM 2 in Kubernetes yet… please subscribe to the blog and watch out for the updated release notes? That might be the best way to hear when it’s available. THANKS!