pmm 1.3.0 docker image gaps in graphs


I just updated pmm to the 1.3.0 docker image and am seeing gaps in the graphs. 1.2.2 is fine.

I tried doubling the METRICS_MEMORY to 4194304 but it did not help.

Does 1.3.0 require much more memory than 1.2.2 or could something else be up?


Are you seeing gaps in the current time metrics? for me that always means I need to have more memory on the instance. (I’m in aws so that’s fairly easy).
I’m about to upgrade to 1.3.0

Same here. Gaps started after upgrade to 1.3.0

Have you tried upgrading to 1.3.1 ? There was the bug in 1.3.0 release which often could cause issues at high loads