PMM 1.2.0 a lot of data is not shown

Discontinuous data appears

I thought it some problem on my side, bu may be i am not the only one :slight_smile:

aleksey.filippov , liuqian

am I understand correctly - you received a lot of gaps?
or some metrics became disappeared at all?
Are only mysql graphs affected?

Just MySQL has problems with Linux normal

Can you check what you have on graph/dashboard/db/prometheus dashboard now and Before update
And additionally provide first lines of Exporter :42002/metrics-hr

for InnoDB Pare Reorgs - it’s not gap - it’s 0 as value, because you don’t have this type of activity in this moment.

Also what is your Interval value - Auto ?

probably we have the same problems.

Also, Prometheus has changed their memory usage. So, for now, it’s possible that you have some limits for memory.
Please, reinstall pmm-server with manually set Metrics Memory limit…upgrade-server

docker run -d
-p 80:80
–volumes-from pmm-data
–name pmm-server
–restart always

If you already used some METRICS_MEMORY try to increase it

@roma.novikov It’s normal now

hi liuqian,
i got same pb,could you share what you did to fix this please?
thanks in advance.

Hi romber ,

can you try to stop and remove current pmm-server instance and start a new one with tunned METRICS_MEMORY variable?

docker run -d
-p 80:80
–volumes-from pmm-data
–name pmm-server
–restart always


Mykola ,
thanks for you kindly help.
when i remove pmm-server and reinstall it ,
do i need to repair and config all of pmm-client?

during pmm-client adding data about clients become stored inside consul for exporters and inside mysql for QAN.
mysql and consul databases stored inside pmm-data container.
so if they are ok (not broken), deletion of pmm-server container cannot affect on pmm-client configuration.

thanks for your help,it really helped me.

aleksey.filippovliuqianromber We would like to improve our QA process of PMM, so, could, you, please, give me more information about your PMM configuration? How many pmm clients do you use? on the same box as PMM server or not? Which MySQL servers do you monitor? Thanks!