pm2 client tries 443 instead of 80

I configured my pmm-server to run on 80 port , but when i try to connect with pmm-admin config --server-url , even if i put the url:80 he tries the 443 port. It is mandatory 443 at client level ?

Hi Catalin,

It is not mandatory to run pmm on 443, could you please provide docker command you are using for pmm-server install and pmm-admin config command with the output you are getting. Here I would like to know how you are checking/ concluding that pmm trying to connect to 443 port.

In my test, I found that even after configured pmm-server to run on port 80 and also configuring pmm client as well to use port 80, it configured to use 443 port what we can see from /usr/local/percona/pmm2/config/pmm-agent.yaml and pmm-admin status output. Let us know if this case for you as well.

Ref :

Hi Catalin, from security perspective it’s very good to use 443 port for pmm. But if you don’t have certificate and other staff, you can just add --server-insecure-tls flag in pmm-admin config command. It will skip checking ssl/tls, and you can use http link to your pmm-server.
For example:

pmm-admin config generic best_db_name --server-insecure-tls --server-url= --force