perl-DBD-MySQL-4.050-4 Breaking mysql_old_password Connections

We recently installed the Percona Toolkit on a server running CentOS 7.9 x86_64, which has MariaDB 5.5.68 installed. When running updates, a newer version of perl-DBD-MySQL was detected from the Percona tools-release repo. Upon installing the newer version, some of our perl scripts started giving the following error:

connect(…) failed: Authentication plugin ‘mysql_old_password’ cannot be loaded: /usr/lib64/mysql/plugin/ cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

As a workaround, we updated the database password using the newer IDENTIFIED BY syntax rather than PASSWORD, but I would like to have compatibility with the old-style passwords, as we do still interface with legacy databases. Do I need to install/replace a libmysql compatibility package, or is there a simpler fix?

Thank you.

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Hi Joe, the version you are using is out of support for a long time! As a workaround you can try downloading older versions of Percona Toolkit that might be linked to older perl packages but you are on your own there (there is no support). I strongly encourage you to upgrade to a newer version of the server instead.