Perform Mix of queries on big tables using percona toolkit

Hi Team, so I was recently able to use pt-online-schema-changes to make the schema level upgrades. and the process did save me a bunch of 1 time use code.

I am trying to understand if there is an option in percona : pt-online-schema-change by using which, if in case a process of an upgrade fails, instead of restarting the process all over again, I can continue it from the last failed stage.


  • I am upgrading a table that is roughly a 390-Million rows
  • the upgrade task assume runs for say 42% in 2 days and then it fails. (I understand there is more emphasis on the reason of upgrade vs performance, and that the process deletes/does the cleanup if it fails.

instead of losing the effort made in 2 days, I want to be able to restart the upgrade from the last safe stage:

  • how can this be achieved using the options in the pt-online-schema-change
    I appreciate all the help that the team can offer in this .

@matthewb @Marcelo_Altmann

Hi, unfortunately pt-osc cannot be resumed. You will need to start again if there are errors.


You can’t resume a pt-osc. pt-osc is stateless. The tool has no idea which of the 390-million rows are the same between original and modified tables.

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