pt-online-schema-change issue with multi master setup

We are using pt-online-schema-change 3.0.10. We tried adding a column like below:

pt-online-schema-change --execute user=dba --ask-pass --alter “ADD COLUMN IF NOT EXISTS RedemptionTransactionL INT DEFAULT 1 AFTER RedemptionLimitPerTransaction” D=nextgen_offer,t=Offer

We have setup like M5 <–> M1 <–> S1 . We have executed on M1 and changes were reflected on all replicas (multi-master setup).
But replication failed from M5 --> M1 with error
Last_SQL_Errno: 1677
Last_SQL_Error: Column 78 of table ‘nextgen_offer.Offer’ cannot be converted from type ‘bigint’ to type ‘int(11)’

Why this error affecting, although we executed it only on M1.

Note: Mariadb v10.1.31

Hi there - could you do a SHOW CREATE TABLE on each of the servers please?

Sorry I have a quick question on pt-online-schema-change, when does the table swapping actually happen ? we have an application which runs 24/7*365 days and we trying to alter one table column datatype from int to bigint – if process is running continuously and new rows will be added to the table my question is if new rows are added continuously then when does percona make a decision to swap the table tables without losing incoming rows – we don’t want to lose any data because we cannot getback the data? any help would be appreciated

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