Perfmance benefits of migrating to Percona cluster over single MySQL instance

Hi, a somewhat Newbie question… What performance improvements can I expect if I migrate a MySQL 5.7 instance running on a single machine to a XtraDB cluster with 3 nodes running (assuming the same hardware and OS etc as the single instance).

I ask as I want to work out if moving to a cluster is a going to improve the performance of the DB and in what way. Presumably I will be able to have more concurrent connections… but how many more? What is the overhead of running a cluster? Will individual queries be quicker/slower?

I would be setting this up in an AWS EC2 environment… so network latency should hopefully be minimal…

Any hints, experiences etc would be appreciated…



XtraDB cluster will not increase your database performance.
Actually, It provides High Availability and scalability.
And it 's better to have a Proxysql or Maxscale to work with your XtraDB cluster.