Percona Xtradb MySql any option to ignore insert error

I have following question where I have described a failure scenario in Percona MySql 5.7 and asking if there is a way in Percona MySql version 8.0 to prevent this by changing the default settings.

Failure scenario:-
In one of the failure scenario of Percona MySQL Xtradb cluster version 5.7 which has RSU option enabled. The whole cluster goes down when below 3 steps are done:-

  1. Let say there are 3 nodes of a database cluster with one node being primary donor node and two other are non-primary nodes.
  2. Create a table and insert a row on the primary donor node.
  3. Whole cluster goes down due as soon as donor node replicates to other nodes due to inconsistent state as table was not existing on the non-primary nodes.

In Percona Mysql version 8.0 I was going through this link Redirecting Here I don’t see any option that can help protect the cluster from going down due to above failure scenario for e.g. by ignoring insert.

Is there any setting that can ignore errors due to inserts as per above scenario and not let the whole cluster go down in version 8.0?



Hello @rahulsri_percona,
RSU is dangerous for the very reasons you described. Unfortunately, there is no way to prevent your cluster from going down in this scenario. What you have described is a clear violation of data integrity. In Galera/PXC, the data is the most important thing. If consistency is compromised, the cluster goes down. You need to fix the other nodes and bring them into sync.


Thanks Matthewb. Appreciate your input.