Ignore unique key violation errors (1062) in multiwrite setup (slave_skip_errors?)

We have a 3-node xtradb 5.6 cluster doing multiwrites. From time to time, it happens that two nodes try to insert into a unique column at the same time, making the losing node inconstitent and having it dropped from the cluster. As a sidenote, a simple restart is rarely enough to bringt it back online with IST, most times a restart directly triggers SST, but after that, it errors out with innodb log failures and we have to delete data-directory and do another full SST. That seems to be some kind of bug or misconfiguration, but that got nothing to do with my question, I guess.

We would like to avoid these errors altogether, since the inserts into that table are not that important. With mysql master-slave replication, there is slave-skip-errors=1062 - is there an equivalent for xtradb cluster replication?

You may be experiencing this bug:

And no, at the moment there is no such equivalent at the time, as galera based cluster’s priority goal is to guard against inconsistency.

Thanks for your reply.

You might be right, the bug description sounds familiar. Do you know when there will be a fixed version available?