Percona XTRADB - Freeradius - Radman error

OS and apps used:
Ubuntu Jammy 22.04.1 LTS
8.0.34-26.1 Percona XtraDB Cluster
FreeRADIUS Version 3.0.26
Radman 1.0.2

Radman is the GUI frontend for freeradius to percona xtradb mysql backend.

I have built this many times before and recently for a customer and it all worked. Now, for some strange reason, using exactly the same process, I am getting the following mysql errors when I am trying to launch radman:

Reason: liquibase.exception.DatabaseException: Table ‘system_user’ already exists [Failed SQL: CREATE TABLE radman.system_user (id BIGINT AUTO_INCREMENT NOT NULL, username VARCHAR(64) NOT NULL, password VARCHAR(255) NULL, password_length INT NOT NULL, role VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, last_login_time BIGINT NULL, auth_provider VARCHAR(32) NOT NULL, CONSTRAINT PK_SYSTEM_USER PRIMARY KEY (id), CONSTRAINT uk_system_user_username UNIQUE (username))]

I have ensured there is a primary key and there is. I have also “dropped” the user and retried and then the error “User not present” occurs. I have also dropped the table and re-created. No success at all. I constantly get the above error when trying to initiate radman.

Primarly, the cluster comes up okay, so there is nothing wrong there. Was hoping someone more sql oriented than me could shed some light on the above error please?

Many thanks

It looks like radman is trying to create a table that already exists. It quite literally says that in your error message:

DatabaseException: Table ‘system_user’ already exists

This is not a database issue. This is an application issue. Why is it trying to create this table? I would drop this table manually and let radman recreate it.

Hi Matthew,

Thank you. I know this is what the message says. I have already tried dropping the table and the user with no difference in the output.

I will try dropping both. That is the only thing I have not tried.

Thank you again

Looks like something has changed in the Radman configurations since the last time I configured the whole systems. Given that Radman is a free GUI front end there is very little documentation.

But I now have everything working as it should so wanted to thank you for your help. Much appreciated.