percona xtraDB cluster is not completely synchronous

Hi there,

we runing a 3 node percona XtraDB cluster fully synchronous.

The Problem:
I’ve changed a password in the mysql user table which isn’t replicated to the other nodes at all…but the nodes telling me that they are completely in sync.
If I add a new mysql user it will be proper synced with all other nodes and everything is fine.

Is that by design or could it be a bug?

Galera 3.12 / percona-xtradb-cluster 5.6.25

(how I changed the password: use mysql; update user set password=PASSWORD(‘abc’) where User=‘abcde’; but it only works for 1 node)

Thanks for advice!

Alright - the solutions is using the “SET PASSWORD FOR ‘abc’@‘’ = PASSWORD(‘abcde’);” instead of “update user set password=PASSWORD(‘abc’) where User=‘abcde’;”

Exactly, direct updates to MyISAM tables are not replicated by design in Galera, but DCL commands are replicated just fine.