Percona Cluster status shows 'SYNCED' but DBis out of sync

We have a three node percona cluster configured. On all of the 3 nodes we can see the wsrep_local_state = 4 and wsrep_local_state_comment = Synced.
when we actually look at the database sizes they are different on each nodes. Also to justify , i have investigated the last time one the of user database table was updated was 10 days ago.

how do we fix the database sync issue also why does the galera cluster shows a false status when it is actually isn’t in SYNC?


Can you paste the whole status output from all the nodes:

show status like 'ws%';

The fact that the nodes are ‘synced’ does not mean that they are even members of the same cluster. Maybe you bootstrapped two to three separate clusters? Or maybe you are using MyISAM tables, which by default are not replicated?

This was the thing in my case.