Percona XtraDB Cluster and Debian Jessie


I’m using PXC for some weeks now, and it’s really great. But as Debian Jessie is nearly out, I don’t know how to cope with the fact that PXC isn’t available for Jessie: neither in the Debian archive (see, nor in the Percona repository:

Was it a bad move to go to PXC, or is there plan to soon release it under Debian Jessie? I’ll give it a try with the current Wheezy repository ( but I have some concerns about it working properly.

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We do not provide packages for distros releases being still in development stage. And Jessie’s is expected on 25th of April it seems (
You may always take the .tar.gz, .dsc from the source downloads ( and recompile on Jessie by yourself.

You can use wheezy repositories. Works great

Thanks przemek, I was just afraid there’s not even an empty directory for jessie. So I’ll wait until you’ve released it.

25th of April was announced before my message, but I read it on Debian Project News a few days after.

I’d rather not recompile it myself, I’m done with this :slight_smile: Packages are the best!

@thomasz: using Wheezy repositories means you’re mixing 2 distros, which can lead to undetermined behaviour. Hard to ask for help in such situations. That’s why I’m waiting for a Jessie availability.

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Hi everyone, and now that Jessie is out, can we expect repository for this version ? Thx :slight_smile:


As Sich said, Jessie’s out. But the XtraBackup tool (from your wheezy repo) is built with libgcrypt11, which is not available in Jessie :frowning:

(Edit: it’s libgcrypt20 in Jessie now, so I guess we need to wait for a Percona updated repo!)

Along with sphinxsearch missing from Jessie, this migration will be difficult!

Is there any SphinxQL support planned in PXC? That would help a lot :slight_smile:

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For the record: I’ve just installed libgcrypt11 from and I managed to install the percona-xtradb-cluster-56 successfully. Don’t know if it will work as expected, but that’s a good solution to me for now.

The next version release should be already available also for Jessie, though no exact ETA just yet.

Thx for your answer !
No ETA ok, but this should be in 6 month or more ? less ? Any small idea ? :slight_smile:


Sich, you may get some idea of how frequent are the releases by looking at the release history :slight_smile:

Hi, Jessie has been out for a month now, is there any ETA of when the cluster and server will be available for it? Also, would 5.5 still be an option for Debian 8?

So far I’ve been using PXC (5.6) for about 1 month, and it’s working great with the Wheezy packages.

But I’m still waiting for the new repo too :stuck_out_tongue:

Hum, there’s a new Jessie repo, but it doesn’t contain PXC for now, only xtrabackup.

It seems that the Jessie repo now includes the XtraDB Cluster. Yeah!

Just upgraded, that’s a little bit tricky because the package doesn’t upgrade automatically: it’s the same revision, appended with the distribution release (5.6.xxxx.wheezy to 5.6.xxxx.jessie).

The only solution I found: remove the package completely. You shouldn’t be afraid as it’s a cluster, so you can take out one without risk. Then add it back. It will synchronize with the other nodes automatically again, as the configuration isn’t removed.

So far, so good!