Percona XtraBackup 2.4

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I have seen that is possible to peform use xtrabackup sending to S3 on the version 8.0. Therefore my Mysql is 5.7 and I can’t upgrade and also my Xtrabackup now and then I have to use 2.4 version.

So I ask you :

1 ) Can We perform a backup directly to S3 using 2.4 ?

  1. I am certain that We can restore a table from full backup, however, Can we restore the same table with another name the same way We can do in mysqldump ?

Andre Rodrigues

@Andre1976, you are asking many disjointed and confusing questions. First you ask about S3 backups, then upgrades, then mysqldump, etc. It is confusing. Can you please re-post a single clarified question?

Hello @matthewb
Sorry, Is more clear now ?

  1. Yes, you can stream the backup from PXB 2.4 into the aws s3 cp command. The more appropriate command would be to use xtrabackup ... | xbcloud ...

  2. When you use InnoDB transportable tablespaces, you can restore/import the tablespace into whichever database you want but the table name must be the same. After you import it, then you can ALTER TABLE RENAME

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Very very good !

Thanks a lot for your help !