Percona Toolkit on a Managed Server?


I work on a Managed Server to which I don’t have root access. Can I still use all or at least some of the tools? Will I be able to install it, once I’ve made sure that all dependencies are met?

Yes, you can use Percona Tools without root access in your server.

You can download individually and run them from your home directory.

For example:
mkdir -p ~/bin && cd ~/bin
chmod +x pt-summary

With root access it will show you more information, for example… if you have lvm, it will show you the output of vgdisplay but if you don’t have root access … it will show you all the information that your user can access.

Other tools would require root access or super privileges in the mysql server… but this will depend of each tool.

Also, check the system requirements here: ements.html