Percona Server update error

Percona Server updates via webmin/yum return the following error

CentOS 6 64-bit
Percona MySQL server
PHP 5.4
also running webmin and ISPConfig


What are your steps to upgrade ? Did you remove the old packages before upgrade ?
Let me show you steps to upgrade hopefully it will work.

  1. Stop mysqld
  2. Remove percona server packages.
  3. Install new percona server packages.
  4. Run mysql_upgrade
  5. Start mysqld

To be on safe side you can take important database backup before upgrade. Look likes you didn’t stopped the mysqld before upgrade.

I was running the upgrade via webmin and assuming that it would go through the sequence of steps correctly.

I focused on the error that says “two PID files”…so are you saying that 2 PID files is not the problem?

P.S. Sorry it took me a bit to reply…got no notification from these forums that someone has posted a reply to this topic…

This is the complete upgrade process echo from webmin:

You seem to be hitting this bug: This is going to be fixed in 5.5.33.