Percona-Server-80-rc1 on Clear Linux


How do I install Percona-Server-80-rc1 on Clear Linux?

I’ve tried the rpm packages but it fails on so many dependencies even though it’s there albeit with different structure than RedHat/Fedora. Ex: Dependency failed on “” even though OpenSSL is installed.

I really appreciate it if anyone could help me on how to install it on Clear Linux.


I’m not sure if anyone can help with this issue as long this OS is not supported by Percona.

I’m not saying that won’t be if needed (once CL gets in top 10 requests, even though that’s backed by Intel) but my best bet is that you won’t get any support for this any time soon.

Please don’t get me wrong, I am saying this as on Percona’s website pretty much anywhere it says “…Enterprise-Grade… (for free)” so having this label displayed is quite a bold statement that they’ll build and support products that’s for Enterprise-Grade OS’s (more or less for free) like CentOS, Ubuntu etc. so pretty stable OS’s, large “footprint”, community tested, solid background and used by most of Enterprise-Grade businesses.

Will give it a go though and If I can spot anything will get back to you. :wink: