Percona Server 5.7.37 release date


We are currently using Percona server 5.7.19 and as per Oracle Advisory (Oracle Critical Patch Update Advisory - January 2022), MySQL 5.7.36 and prior versions are affected by multiple vulnerabilities and your latest release of Percona Server is 5.7.36 which is based on MySQL 5.7.36 and was released on 22 Dec 2021 . However, we want to upgrade to version MySQL 5.7.37 now to avoid the vulnerabilities therefore, kindly specify the tentative date on which Percona Server 5.7.37 will be releasing so we can plan the update accordingly.

I’m waiting for your timely response and thanks in advance.


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Hi @Hammad , welcome to the Percona forums!
We are trying to get this release out in the next week or two. Thanks for your patience!