Percona Server 5.6 vs 5.5 - what about performance of MyISAM tables ?

Hello to everyone !

There are a lot of discussions dedicated to InnoDB performance - but what about performance on MyISAM tables ?
I have many of them to store the data for fast INSERT and SELECT, without complex queries.

So, before upgrading from Percona Server 5.5 to 5.6 - I would be obliged for the opinions from community/developers about 5.6 performance on MyISAM tables.
Are there any serious improvements, better/faster performing of the operations, may be the references to benchmarks, may be the bugs known ?

Thanks in advance to everyone for a comment !
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my experience seems problem with upgrade from 5.5 to 5.6 on MyISAM tables. After upgrade DB has lower performance when top connections of day. I have two same slave databases (v5.5 and v5.6). Ratio working is 3:1 (3 at v5.5). Percona 5.5 is ok without query in slow_query log (limit is 2s). Percona 5.6 has full slow_query (time_query ~ 20s). Configuration was same. After problems i try insert and change some variables:

+performance_schema = OFF
+thread_handling = pool-of-threads

But without change.

Any ideas? Thanks for all reply.

Sorry for my bad english.