Percona DB server 5.6 innodb table loads slow


I have Percona 5.6.13 installed. I have tried testing some table refresh jobs with both innodb & myisam as the default engines. The load procedure creates shadow tables suffixed with the string ‘_new’. These tables are then loaded by performing ‘insert into ~ select from ~’ commands, and then renamed. Several test runs have consistently shown that using innodb as the default engine runs almost 3 times longer than those tests with myisam as the default. Also, the same tests with the 5.5.30 version run in roughly the same amount of time as that of the myisam default in 5.6.13. The my.cnf file used is the same for all tests. So the question, is there something different about 5.6.13 that I’m missing?


Hello -

This is indeed odd if you have already ruled out any config changes. Please see if you can reduce this to a repeatable testcase and file a bug on


@CharlieB I’ve also cloned innodb tables under 5.6.13, to reduce space used and I’ve found it critical to make sure there are no indexes created on the new table until all data is copied. Otherwise it is excruciatingly slow.