Percona Release Configuration Tool Ver 1.0.23 Released

Percona Release Configuration Tool Ver1.0.23 was released on 2020-08-24.  This utility may be downloaded at  Key changes in this new release:

  • It adds support for Percona Server for MongoDB 4.4 (psmdb-44) and Percona Distribution for MongoDB 4.4 (pdmdb-4.4 and pdmdb-4.4.0).
  • Automatic detection of new repositories. - You no longer have to update percona-release when a  new repository is added. percona-release verifies the repository by name and enables it if such a repo exists. Otherwise, it returns an error message.
  • Instead of enabling all architecture repositories (i386, amd64 and noarch), percona-release now checks the hardware architecture and enables only the relevant repository. 
  • Percona-release packages are now stored in a dedicated prel repo, which is enabled by default. This simplifies updating percona-release. For backward compatibility, percona-release packages also remain available in the original repo.
There are no other release notes dedicated to this utility published by Percona.