Percona product telemetry - next phase alpha recruitment

Hi everyone.

Back in late October I have announced an introduction of internal in-product telemetry project with the goal to help us make better product investment decisions. I am happy to say that the telemetry is working fine. This is where you can read more about it.

I am also happy to say that we are now reaching another milestone in this project. Based on the feedback we have received as well as internal needs and observations we are close to completing the next phase of the telemetry architecture. In this iteration we bring two main changes:

  1. The telemetry data is going to be sent periodically to Percona (it was only sent once, during the installation process)
  2. We introduce in-database modules for collecting usage statistics as well as os-based module for collecting environment information.

The key assumptions of the approach remain the same, though: we put pressure on transparency, configurability and security of the solution and we do not intend to collect any proprietary data.

We are looking for people who would like to take a look at our implementation across MySQL, MongoDB and PostgreSQL and share their feedback with us. By the end of March 2024 we’ll have the alpha version available for tests and reviews.

We’d really appreciate your early feedback before we release the new telemetry into our products.

For those willing to participate who provide honest and constructive feedback I have a few AirTags to give away as a sign of our appreciation and also a bit of a practical joke on telemetry topics in general. I hope you find our sense of humor acceptable.

If you have any questions or want to participate please respond in this thread, or send me a message at

Group PM at Percona

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