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Hello community. I have the following question when using the Kubernetes operator. I cannot find the way or documentation that indicates how users are created through the operator for Kubernetes.
I understand that it should be a Pgtask (not entirely sure) in order to add/remove a new user. I am right?. That is, since you cannot use the client pgo in kubernetes and manage the operator using YAML files, there must be some way to manage users in the same way. Right?


Hello @ctaglia ,

for now we do not provide such feature. There are lots of workarounds on how to perform this: control plane, through CICD, etc.

What is your use case? None of the workarounds work for you?


Hello @spronin
Thanks for your quick response! What are those workarounds? can you guide me to some of them?

In my case, I have infra terraformed and deployed percona with helm for the cluster and backups implementation and it was intended
to handle user and password management in the same way. I thought the correct way was through pgtasks.

The workarounds you suggest, I imagine they include creating users through the psql client directly in the postgres

Anyway, I think that this user administration could be contributed in the future through pgtask. How is the procedure to participate in the project?

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There are few ways:

  1. Crossplane - see an example for our MySQL Operator here: Manage MySQL Users with Kubernetes - Percona Database Performance Blog
    It will work for PG as well.

  2. For initial user creation use cicd pipeline.

  3. And yeah, for most of the cases psql will work.

Our contribution guidelines are described in If you are willing to participate, please first write down the implementation idea in some document before sending the PR. This feature is quite broad and might need thorough design review.
Please let me know if there is anything I can help with.


Thank you for your answer. I am reading it right now.
Also will read howto contribute. :slightly_smiling_face:

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