Percona Everest 1.0.0 (GA) Released

Hi, many thanks to all users who helped testing and sent feedback!

The first version of Percona Everest 1.0.0 has been published.

These include:

  1. Upgrading Percona Everest and operators.
  2. New sections on the database page. Such as components, this is the first step to advanced information about databases created with Percona Everest.
  3. Backups and restores have been improved.
  4. User management. Now login to the UI with a user and password rather than Token.
  5. You can now integrate your Percona Everest instance using an external identity provider (IdP). Percona Everest uses OpenID Connect (OIDC) Protocol to integrate with external Identity Providers (IdP).

More new information in the documentation