Percona cluster Mulitcast

Sorry for asking a very basic question.
Does percona recommends using multicast for data replication?
And how do we use multicast on 3 nodes cluster, do i need to use the same multicast ip on all nodes? Or different multicast ip for each node?

przemek can you pls share some thoughts on this?

Also should I use both gmcast.listen_addr=tcp:// and gmcast.mcast_addr= at the same time?


Yes, same address needs to be used in that variable:

Multicast address is not an individual host IP address, but rather a group address. Many hosts can subscribe to that group and communicate via it. You can find more details: [url]IP multicast - Wikipedia

So, it may be pretty useful to minimize the network traffic when you have many cluster nodes. You will find good article on that here:

You will still need regular TCP/IP for SST and IST though.