PXC 5.5.28 Pb with multiple addresses


I upgrade my PXC in 5.5.28 but I have a problem with wsrep_cluster_address variable for multiple addresses in the first node.
With wsrep-url, my values was :
wsrep_url = gcomm://ip_node2:4567,gcomm://ip_node3:4567,gcom://

How can I apply this values with wsrep_cluster_address.
At the moment I put like this :
wsrep_cluster_address = gcomm://,ip_node2:4567,ip_node3:4567.
The problem is if I restart the first node is in like a split brain, the wsrep_cluster_size’s equal to 1 instead to 3. And the others nodes are equal to 2.

Thx for your help

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wsrep_cluster_address syntax doesn’t require the port (and should be in [mysqld] and not in [mysqld_slave], just to confirm).

So could you try with (I put some random ip’s):


And watch out the first comma in your setting, this is incorrect, with wsrep_cluster_address, you don’t have anymore the empty gcomm://

so you need to start the first time your cluster with:

and then modify that setting in my.cnf and never have the empty gcomm anymore (until all your nodes are off)



Thanks for your help but my cluster is in service for a long time.
I’m afraid if I stop all nodes and I want restart first node it doesn’t work with your second config modification

How can I obtain like this wsrep_urls= gcomm://,gcomm://,gcomm: // but with wsrep_cluster_address variable

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Hi lefred,

have you find a solution for my problem, because my first node is crashed impossible to start it.
So it’s impossible to start PXC on my 2 and 3 node.
With this upgrade I lose my HA availability because multiple adress function doesn’t work

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The only solution you currently have is:

in my.cnf, set something like :

and the first node that you will start you need (it works on redhat like distro, no idea yet on debian like) to start the first node like this :

/etc/init.d/mysql start --wsrep-cluster-address=“gcomm://”