Percona Cloud Tools - Google Broken login

Signin with google does not works anymore. How can i access to the platform?

Hi Ostico,

Please can you try again ?
Let me know if you are still experiencing this technical issue.

Thank you.

Hi kamal, yes the login is still broken.

This is from google chrome console, the redirect OAuth page is not working, it seems like that the client_id for server was deleted from google developer console.
[]Request URL:
[url]Sign in - Google Accounts
]Request Method:
[]Status Code:
]Remote Address:
[/LIST] Query string parameters: [LIST=1]
[url][/url] [url][/url]

Hello Ostico, PCT is no longer maintained and will be replaced with PMM in a few weeks, please try instead → [url][/url]

Thank you, i will try it.