Percona Clickhouse Datasource Exception

We’re currently running PMM on a VM with a docker container running the pmm-server. To embed the dashboards, we have started a proxy VM which basically adds a auth header to all the requests passed on to the PMM Endpoint (

While embedding the dashboards, it works fine while using it with dashboard having prometheus data source. However, we’ve been facing a weird issue while querying the Clickhouse based datasource dashboard through the Proxy VM.

Here’s what’s happening

  1. while opening a dashboard on
  2. a query is sent through the following endpoint `‘Clickhouse Query’
  3. while embedding a dashboard on Proxy VM with endpoint
  4. a query is sent through the following endpoint `‘Clickhouse Query’

However, while the Query is sent to the API, the following error is thrown by Clickhouse

Poco::Exception. Code: 1000, e.code() = 0, e.displayText() = No authentication information found: Basic authentication expected (version (official build))

To Debug the above error, we went ahead with enabling basic auth in the Clickhouse Datasource. Initially we tried the Datasource config on our It ended up working perfectly fine. However, the same config ( basic auth enabled ) threw the same error on the proxy domain.

Any suggestions on handling this exception ?