Percona Cacti 0.8.8a - memcached on remote server does not work


This is really weird because MySQL, Apache and Linux are working on my remote server but not memcached…
The values I am obtaining are always -1.
And on my local server memcached are working.

I am also using PALM v3 ( for APC and they have memcached … and it is working fine… but the method is different. we gather info from the remote server to the cacti one.

percona is gathering from cacti to the remote.

I was thinking a pb of access or user rights?
As memcached is listening on only, is this can be the issue?


If it’s a remote host, I assume you use SSH.
ssh REMOTE_HOST ‘echo stats | nc 11211’

What’s the OS of the remote host and PMP version?

Thanks. It works now.
On Debian 6.

Effectively it was the IP listening parameter.