PBM restore on the GMT+3

Servers, where mongod and pbm-agent are running are on the GMT+3.

When I brows backups using pbm status, I see UTC time.


2022-08-08T13:07:07Z 740.23KB [complete: 2022-08-08T13:07:13]

So, I understand, that backup completed at 16:07:13.

Is it correct to use current time minus 3 hours, when I use pbm restore?

If I use current time, I get …Error: verify oplog slices chain: no chunk with the target time, the last chunk ends on {1659964883 2}

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Hi @Magzhanova

PBM always uses UTC.

Your case: you have a backup called “2022-08-08T13:07:07Z”.
If you run pbm restore 2022-08-08T13:07:07Z, database will be restored to a state at 2022-08-08 13:07:13 UTC (16:07:13 GMT+3).

If you do not configure PITR, you only can run the restore command with a concrete backup name to restore to complete time.
However, PITR functionality allows you to restore to a desired time (specified in UTC only).

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