Pbm delete-backup didnt delete the old dump files on disk

Any idea the command didnt delete the old dump files on the disk, How ever when i give pbm backup-list , i get only the backups after 2020-11-21T00:00:01Z under backup snapshots and PITR : as well.

pbm delete-backup -f --older-than=2020-11-21

How do i retain only intended on the disks and retain some disk space.

Hi Deepaklo.

If you’re using filesystem remote storage things can be uncoordinated if the backup directory is not the same, single block device mounted to all servers.

This is not necessarily what the issue is for you now but I’d like to check that first.

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yes i use file system backup and the device is not NFS.it is seperate disk individual to the servers with the same mountpoint. Hopefully that was not a right setup from my end, but thinking an NFS disk should resolve the problem.

Hi Deepaklo.

Ah, yes, that would have been why. One pbm-agent accesses one drive, runs the delete but deletes nothing because there happened to be nothing in the drive attached to its server. The pbm list however ran on another server which has the drive where the files were written.

An NFS drive that is shared between all makes it correct.

Using a filesystem that is local means the backups can be lost due to mistakes like this. So I always caution that filesystem remote storage takes a lot of administrative care compared to using an Object Store, such as S3 or Minio.

deleting: unable to delete backup in running state , any idea on this , trying to delete a backup and it said failed.