Patroni Management UI

Hi, I wanted to ask if anyone was aware of an open source tool that takes advantage of the Patroni API to give DBAs a GUI to manage clusters?

I imagine this is something PMM might have in the future but was curious if anything else exists or if it is potentially soon coming to PMM.


You could implement a solution in your GUI environment to manage the Patroni API so long it has the ability to execute bash scripts as for example this snippet which reaches out to host “pg1” and instructs this remote standby cluster to recover and become a new PRIMARY host.

# CLI **curl** and **jq** are required in this example
curl -s -XPATCH -d '{"standby_cluster":null}' http://pg1:8008/config | jq .

Keep in mind if you want something more automated then you’ll really need a background process that is continuously polling the relevant services.

Hope this helps.

Thanks for the response as always Robert.

Thats sort of what I’m thinking, I haven’t looked into the details of how it would work, I was more curious if anyone knew of anything already implemented in the community, or if there are any plans for PMM to have this type of functionality in future.

Hi @Moraff, from PMM side, we are first looking to add Patroni and all other components monitoring in the future. Full UI for Management - for now, it is not clear.
Are there any good Open-Source tools you would use for managing PG and Patroni that we can consider integrating with PMM?

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Thanks for the clarification, I have not came across anything myself but I imagine it would not be too difficult to put together taking advantage of the existing API.

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