P95 query latencies for read and write

Hi Team,
We would like to understand the query latencies separately for read and write queries. Is there any metric in PMM which distinguishes the read/write latency ?

In the QAN section of PMM, you can see the metrics for each query. Is this not what you need?

Hi @matthewb
Thanks for your reply.

We wish to see not the individual query latency, but overall average latencies separately for read and write over a period of time.

Hello @Animesh_Agarwal,
I don’t believe that is possible. MySQL doesn’t track those metrics, PMM aggregates the data from individual queries. There was a plugin for MySQL 5.7 that tracked this data, but the plugin doesn’t work in MySQL 8.

Hi @matthewb

Wanted to get your opinion on the below:
Since PMM tracks the query latency for individual metrics, is it not possible to identify the type of query - read/write and store that in ClickHouse ? Once we have the data in clickhouse, we can run aggregations on top of the raw data.

You are free to do whatever you want with the data collected by PMM. As it stands now, PMM doesn’t support a graphical option to view the data you want. PMM is 100% open source so you are fee to modify it and contribute back to our repo for others to enjoy.