OVA file and upgrade without lost data

Hi everyone,
I have a simple question about OVA file. How can we upgrade it when we have new version of pmm ?
We have to backup and restore data AND after that, create a new VM from new OVA ?
Thanks a lot :slightly_smiling_face:

You have a couple of options to upgrade but the easiest of them all is to use the “Upgrade Now” button that Admins are presented in the UI. This assumes your PMM instance is given access to the internet to refresh the internal RPM database.

If you don’t have access to the internet then what you describe ends up being the easiest (create a new PMM along side, copy the data from old to new and re-IP/update DNS the new one so clients send metrics to the new instance. I wrote a utility to do the backup/restore part that also allows you to send the data to an upgraded version of PMM. It can also be scheduled with Cron to take regular backups and store on external storage…then mount that on the new system and rerun the utility in restore and update mode.

Hope that helps!

Thanks @steve.hoffman. You helped me.
It’s not very easy for our team but, we can’t access to the Internet. It’s a very secure infrasctrucutre.
So, we have to deploy your solution.
Thanks again.