Operator recreating cluster secret

The operator recreates the cluster secret when the secret is deleted along with the pxc cluster itself.
Case in point: Trying to helm package the operator and uninstalling that helm chart would entail the deletion of the secrets as well. But the operator seems to regenerate the cluster secret. (The secret that contains PXC users.)
Is this expected behaviour?
If yes, is there any way at all to prevent the operator from regenerating the secret?

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Hi @saloni24 ,

In 1.9.0 we have added the following improvement. If ‘delete-pxc-pvc’ finalizer is used the secrets will be removed too. The 1.9.0 will be released on August.


Hey @SlavaSarzhan , thank you for your response, just one more query comes up, please:
The operator also creates “internal-cluster-name” secret per pxc cluster. This too remains, post pxc deletion. Would the removal of this internal secret as well be included in the finalizer logic in 1.9.0?

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@saloni24 yes, internal secret is also will be removed by finaliser in 1.9.0

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