Openshift operator how to create public route and connect

I am having some issues creating a route in OpenShift to the haproxy LB. For the time being I would like to be able to use an on-prem app to utilize the percona mysql database created with the openshift operator. I tried to set up the cr.yaml file with the configuration as such…My db pods start up just fine but the haproxy pods fail in crashloopbackoff
configuration: |
maxconn 2048
stats socket /var/run/haproxy.sock mode 600 expose-fd listeners level user
log global
mode tcp
retries 10
timeout client 28800s
timeout connect 100500
timeout server 28800s
frontend galera-in
bind *:3309 accept-proxy
bind *:3306 accept-proxy
mode tcp
option clitcpka
default_backend galera-nodes
frontend galera-replica-in
bind *:3307
mode tcp
option clitcpka
default_backend galera-replica-nodes

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My service is fine…It is defined in openshift as a Cluster IP that is accessible within the cluster only. I created a route using the haproxy service in openshift but I can’t seem to connect to it in anyway. I typically try mysql workbench or something like that.

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Hi Rob

It looks like you’ve faced two separate issues at a time.

As for haproxy crash, please post some log output here. Maybe we would get something from it.

As for external access for on-prep openshift I would suggest to follow official recommendations. They have pretty good coverage of a topic.

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