Configure external HAProxy for MYSQL cluster

Hi all ,
We have deployed Percona Mysql Operator and Mysql Cluster on k8 using helm - link . We already have an haproxy configured and running in that cluster . We are thinking to use that to distribute traffic among our percona mysql pods .
So currently we have set haproxy.enable as well as proxysql.enable to false . So is it possible for us to set our own external haproxy as a proxy for Percona clusters ?

Using operator chart version - 1.13.3
Using cluster chart version - 1.13.4
It may require us to create a separate service for each of the pods.

Hello @Pratiyush_Pushkar

Here documentation for Exposing cluster to external Load balancer,

Other ref: Custom Resource options - Percona Operator for MySQL based on Percona Server for MySQL