Officla Docker image for percona/proxysql


I’m running proxysql in docker and have found percona/proxysql on dockerhub - this works well, but I don’t know if you maintain this?

I can’t find any associated linked github account for this either, so imagine you just push it manually.

Couple of questions:

  • Is percona/proxysql on dockerhub official, and to what degree is it maintained (last push was 1.4.3)
  • Is the Dockerfile available for public viewing?

I can roll my own if not, just wondering if it was maintained.

Anothe question which is slightly related, what’s the difference between percona and percona-lab on dockerhub (they both have proxysql images).

Many thanks

Below you can see the answers:

As for your last question - difference is the following: percona-Lab is used for testing purposes so it is recommended to use percona repository on dockerhub

Fantastic, thankyou very much.