Docker image for Percona PostgreSQL distribution for Percona operator

Hi all,

I am trying to find the Dockerfile which creates the images published here Docker.

I have found the percona-docker repository, and specifically the directory postgresql-containers/build/postgres-ha ( which is close to what I am looking for, but it doesn’t seem to create the same docker image as the one published. Is there some other repository that I am missing?

I also join the question.

I’m also interested in Dockerfile for postgres PGO.
There is a desire to compile a simple extension for PG.
Where to get instructions? How to do it better?

Marios, Sergey
unfortunately currently we currently do not provide an officially supported Docker image. That being said I am happy to share that we are working on this.

We have a Dockerfile in our official repository, the images are published under Perconalab account on Docker Hub as these are testing stage and we do not recommend their usage on Prod.

As this is testing, not all versions have images available. On this stage we are looking for feedback about it, whether you find it useful in this shape or would find a more micro-services oriented Dockerfiles more useful.

Could you provide some description of use cases for which you are looking to apply this Docker? I mean, do you plan to use it in Dev, Test or Prod? What are the extensions you are particularly going to use? Where is it going to be deployed?

Now we plan to use PGO v2 in a DEV environment.

We use extensions:

  1. pg_cron – very popular IMHO must have
  2. citus – experiment with it
  3. is_jsonb_valid – the purpose is clear by name, we always compile it from source for ourselves for all platforms

Deploy on our own k8s cluster

Thanks Sergey, I have added these notes for our devs!