non blocking calculation thread

hi all,

i do have a large table - where data gets inserted and updated frequently. I do have some more tables with statistical data - which does belongs to the first table and does get computed.

So - every update/insert on the first table should start some recalulations - which can take longer than i want to block the insert.

For this i now have done an update Table - so every update or insert on the first table - does write a new record in the update table. An external script does watch the update table - und does perform the updates. So the update / insert on the first table can return immediatly - without blocking.

But i am not happy with it…

So my question - does a AFTER UPDATE/INSERT Trigger block the insert / update for the time the trigger is running ?

I have also tried using the event scheduler to run my update functions - but i have not found a solution to start more than one update thread. On a multi core machine - you than at the end only have one thread doing the updates…

Any thoughts about this ?